Journey to Normal serves Veterans and the communities and individuals who support them.

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The Mission

Journey to Normal cultivates learning and understanding around the Veteran experience. We have produced documentary films on the deployment and reintegration of women who have served in combat, we host community conversations and presentations, and we provide trainings in order to bridge the military-civilian gap. Join us on this important journey!

Beginning in the volatile combat zone of eastern Afghanistan, our feature-length documentary, Journey to Normal: Women of War Come Home, candidly details the service and reintegration journeys of 8 women Veterans and their families.


Is your organization looking for a presentation on the Veteran experience? On the changing dynamics in today’s military? On how reintegration impacts families? JTN has presented nationally to countless organizations and can tailor a presentation specifically designed to help you achieve your goals.


JTN offers outstanding trainings designed for military and civilian populations, including the option for continuing professional education credits granted through our institutional partners.

"You have been changed forever. I think in a good way. I feel honored to serve, it's one of the biggest things in my life."
Lieutenant Colonel Ivonne Daly Impact
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