“Journey to Normal is a powerful film that does a tremendous job of highlighting the challenges our women veterans face by uniquely following their stories from deployment through the process of returning home and reintegrating into society. By witnessing their personal struggles—from rejoining their families to their unique healthcare issues—viewers get an impactful view into perseverance and strength of these American heroes. DAV strongly encourages those with close ties to female veterans, especially those whom work on their behalf, to watch this incredibly impactful film to gain a better understanding and appreciation for their consequential and selfless service to our nation.”

Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

"This film should be seen by every adult. The female veteran is often not associated with combat. Journey to Normal Women of War Come Home touches on the impact of war on returning female combat veterans. It's powerful message shows the struggles and emotional rollercoaster that these women experience when trying to reintegrate back to civilian life. Julie Hera DeStefano has captured the complexities and emotional complications for women returning from war."

Patrick Morrison, President, Crisis Intervention Association of Pennsylvania