A Fresh Perspective on Women in Today’s Military

From the front lines of Afghanistan through the first two years of reintegration, Journey to Normal: Women of War Come Home documents the journeys of eight women who have served in the combat zone.

Our film begins during deployment and follows these inspirational women and their families through all of the joys and challenges of reintegration — marriage, divorce, childbirth, custody struggles, job searches, and the under-recognized challenge of settling back into their daily lives. One question is followed from deployment to the homefront: What really happens when they come home?

The Story of Life at Home As It Unfolds

These candid accounts of sacrifice, passionate commitment to mission, and profound change, like any real-life stories, are full of both triumph and challenges. The film places the narrative in the hands of the true storytellers – the women who served and their families – we hear the story of women Veterans through first-hand experience.

The film invites audience reflection and offers an entry point for honest and frank discussion about service. These women often shared stories with JTN that they had not shared with their families. They did so in order that we might better understand what we don’t realize about the reintegration experience. Throughout the film, and all of our work with JTN Inc., a primary goal is bridging the military-civilian gap.

After seeing the film, civilian audiences typically respond by saying “I had no idea.” Veterans of all eras and backgrounds frequently say that the film gives voice to things they have experienced, yet often have not not been able to communicate to others.

Journey to Normal' uniquely captures some of what it was like to deploy to Afghanistan—and what it is like to return to family, friends, school, and work following a wartime deployment. All of these stories are important—individually and collectively. To most of us, this is a depiction of war far more 'real' and relevant than popular movies about snipers and drones.

-Randy Brown, Reporting for Duty

Goals of the Film

To Advance… a deeper understanding for these individuals as they transition from service member to Veteran, and to communicate that understanding to the general public

To Apply… that understanding to professional services provided to Veterans

To Inspire… response by the general public and professionals to the needs of these warriors when they become Veterans

To Cultivate… a network connecting Veterans to one another, and connecting both professionals and the general public to Veterans

To Create… an enduring record of women who have served in recent conflicts, which includes the feature-length documentary, an educational short film, and a video archive of women Veterans sharing their stories

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