Digging Deeper Into Learning

Journey to Normal, Inc. has created training programs that serve professionals across industries. We have worked with clients in healthcare, behavioral health, law, accounting, finance, education, nonprofit human services, government, faith-based institutions, and of course Veterans services organizations. We have also provided sessions as part of professional development conferences, in which content is tailored to the themes and objectives of the event.

A Training Program Born In The Combat Zone

Our largest education program is Walking It In, designed by Colonel Thomas Stokes while deployed as a Forward Deployed Behavioral Health Interventionist in Afghanistan. His experience in the combat zone, plus years of working in behavioral health with Veterans in the US, has been combined with the curriculum design expertise of the JTN team and the exceptional media resources of the organization. A winning combination that produces a training which participants have called “beyond exceptional!”

"The Walking It In training provided by Journey to Normal, Inc. is truly transformative and provides an approach that is quite unique."

-Stephanie Murtaugh, Director of Clinical Services, Pittsburgh Mercy

Walking It In provides 15 contact hours of training from credentialed professionals, which can be structured in the way that works best for our partners. The program delivers knowledge and insight into the issues and challenges faced by the modern military community, and provides an in-depth understanding of the human being behind the uniform.

We also work with our partners on exploring how to best apply the learning to their own work environments. The program includes workshop sessions that turn knowledge into practical actions for you to incorporate in your own workplace and profession.

Building a Training Program That Works For You

Our education programming scales to the goals of our partner, from a one-hour informal session to a multi-day seminar that provides credits for continuing professional education. All programs are designed for anyone engaging Veterans and their families, and are designed for you to apply the learning immediately to your work life. The programs serve educators, healthcare providers, human resources professionals, government employees, and members of the community at large – and all programs presume no prior knowledge by participants.

Trainings typically include excerpts from filmed interviews, which serve as first-hand case studies for exploration. Because we use stories from service members – and their spouses, children, and parents – the training always delivers an authoritative account of reintegration from those living the experience.

What Can You Expect

Identify issues contributing to emotional and social challenges faced by military member and families

Distinguish between the experiences of the various branches of the military and by those in the Guard and Reserves

Define themes central to the experiences of present day service members and families

Discuss the military service experience in a systemic and holistic manner and describe the profound changes occurring in military members and their families

Articulate strategies for connecting with members of the military in a meaningful manner

Use a proactive approach towards the members of the military community

What are the needs of your organization with regard to Veterans? We can work together to build the right program for you.

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